Applied Blockchain, Inc. Adds Pool Services Through Significant Partnership Expansion

DALLAS, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Applied Blockchain, Inc. ("Applied Blockchain" or the "Company") (PINK: APLD) today announced a significant expansion of their services agreement with a strategic partner to include access to technology and resources for mining pool services. This expanded agreement will provide access to both the technology and technical support that once powered the largest Ethereum mining pool in the world, serving over 22% of the global Ethereum hashrate.

Through this expanded relationship, Applied Blockchain will gain access to proven industry-leading resources, such as technology, technical support, and intellectual property, allowing the Company to begin the operation of its own pool service for both GPU and ASIC mining.

"Our partner is a recognized leader in the development of software and services for mining pool services and other blockchain applications," said Wes Cummins, Applied Blockchain's CEO and Chairman. "Given their reputation for superior technology and customer support, we are honored to expand this relationship. Their resources will play an important role in our ability to serve our customers effectively and at scale. By leveraging our partner’s technology, Applied will be able to add pool services to our growing list of blockchain infrastructure solutions using proven industry-leading technology."

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Applied Blockchain, Inc. (PINK: APLD) delivers high-performance crypto mining and infrastructure solutions to customers around the globe. The Company has partnered with Bitmain, SparkPool, and General Mining Research (GMR) to develop, deploy and scale its business. Applied Blockchain also engages in direct mining of Ethereum, Bitcoin and other crypto assets. The Company is backed by some of the largest family offices and institutional investors in the US. Find more information at 

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